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  yes iuv bin 2 dimensha


now that yu ask  a lovlee town
          nestuld in th foothills btween th
giant tall legs  on eithr side we
      cudint see th top uv  sum thot it
  impropr 2 look up

                     it was great in dimensha  from
     what i remembr  maybe it was a
    littul ovrprodusd  or a littul ovr

   what did i dew ther  my job was
     2 reassur evreewun that they wer
    all kool  if sumwun tells me she
        lovd th sky bleeding like that  i
    say i like it 2  or if sumwun late
    at nite cannot stop skreeming  i hold
          them til th parade uv th untamd
       circus prformrs passes  n thn we
      have a quiet time  n go deepr in
             2 sleep until th armee invades

     masquerading as killrs  n takes
   away all our toys n images n reelee ar
         angels greeving ovr theyr detachd
  pussee toes n hands  kreeping up th
 sorrowful eskalatora 2 go on  shopping n
   slurping on th who can say  network
      each way  we wud go ther was
  skreeming n sobbing  i cud not
 reassur evreewun  o dimensha i
     remembr it well

   gristul  intestines  ded magpies hanging n
         falling from th sky  th wiring sew intricate
     2 permit manee bleeding carcasses flung
   out 2 dry  filling th availabul visual land
         skape  peesus uv lung  eye tongues
       n hands all designd 2 remind peopul
                  what we ar all made uv
   n maybe consequences  i dont know abt
 that  its just how it was ther  oh i remembr
    dimensha  oh yes  n iul leev it at that 4

 wun day whn evreething was asleep  or
     othr wise engaygd  i slipt out n made my
   way 2 th next town  antisipaysyun  veree
        aptlee named as it turnd out  evreewun
  ther was definitlee waiting  4 sumthing  oftn
    th ideel sumthing  oftn impossiblee satisfying

      we can lern 2 live without  n what 2 lern 2
          live with



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