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langwage n desire


thers mor 2 life thn being
thers also  bcumming  n
all th time  yu have  ar
being n  bcumming

all th time  ther is  sperm
egg n  sparrow  bone air
breeth th pine  n erth
loamee  desire
names 4 evreething

cum with me  sail ovr th
horn n th  melting arktik
names 4 places  n feelings
emerg n  erode   change

with th speekr n th timez
alphabets  uv being

bcumming n not  with th
partikuls uv touch

meeting lick turn sew
tord n away from th
fire in th bellee change
ash n  goldn lite

n no names 4



from langwage n desire th enerald ponee

n othr pomes talonbooks 09



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