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ium not a raptor a terradaktyl a tree

cant yu see


ium a mammal     ium a mammal

with a heart beeting    stuk in sircum


stances looking 2  finish th laundree

whil waiting 4 a guest   2 arriv   th guest n th


laundree ar on diffrent floors   ium th

ghost on th third floor   iuv had sew much


life my eyez staring out   ovr th balkonee in2

th fervid n  obscure  dark nite


yet i can long 4 mor n ium happee


  n ium happee

ium th ghost on th 3rd floor


each day is a mirakul   howd it get heer

ium kompleetlee surprizd   each morning


i get up n  sit  meditate  n let go uv

evreething 2 prepare 4   th nu day  n ium happee


n ium happee

heers anothr murmur   from th paintrs tent


hey did yu eet that sound  did yu heer that

kolour   did yu feel th angel breth


i did   sew diffrent doors   diffrent timez  th

ghost on th 3rd floor  diffrent floors   th guest


nevr arrivs

i caut a chill   airing out th room   4 th guest


who nevr came



from langwage n desire th emerald ponee n

othr pomes talonbooks o9




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