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i was in th bay  toronto
looking 4 a nu belt  can yu
help me  i askd  yes he sd
fairlee plain  i askd  not 2
wide  n not 2 xpensiv  i addid
thees seem all prettee  hi
yu can afford it he sd   what
i askd   iuv seen yr mooveez
wch wuns i askd   fahrenheit 911
religiositee  well they didint make
as much munee as yu mite think
i sd  wundring  why is shopping
sumtimes sew hard
4 a belt  he askd  hey ths wun is
kool  i sd  will it fit jeens  yes he
sd  i tried not 2 obsess abt that
aspekt  tell yu what he sd  iul
give it 2 yu 1/2 price  evn if yu
ar  michael moore  its on sale
n i reelee like yr mooveez
ium reelee looking 4ward 2
yr nu film  capitalism  a love
storee  thanks i sd  i hope yu
like it  oh he sd  if th belt dusint
fit yr othr jeens bring it back
ok i sd  thanks  ths feels gud 

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