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eating    appuls

on jarvis street 


at 3 in th morning
i sd iuv nevr felt
ths way b4

yu sd  if we wer 2
get marreed  yu cud
as a spousal akt

committ me  2 th
clarke institute bcoz
i am delusyunal in

my love 4 yu   stars in
my eyez yu sd   fair
enuff i sd   thn it wud

b a kommittid  relay
syun ship

yu wud visit  wuns
a week yes i askd   no
yu sd yu cud not bcoz

i am delusyunal  uv
kours i sd  i undrstand
that makes sens yu

cud b ther 4 yeers yu

n we laffd n laffd
laffing our heds off
eetring appuls on

jarvis at 4 in th
morning stars in
our eyez

mine at leest



from ths is erth thees ar peopul talonbooks 07

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