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     d r  e e m s
                          me  em  mee  seems  ees  ms
                     see  sm  eem  dr whn i wake up skreeming
                 is it th self undr th self undr th self  th self most
                         undr  whos  amayzd at  thers no time 2 meet                                                                                        on
                     sumwun by accident  like thr usd 2 b  whn was that  
            on th islawell wanting 2  navigatend uv plentee   th seeming place
                                    uv evree being  n whn thn we wake  up
                      opportunitee  glayshul lov  dreem s e always melting  dr fan
            tasee  heers th voyage yu eem me  yu dreem me  all th
               lerning  n unlerning  n trying  myself thru  if yu had turnd
                            round 2 me  i wud have stayd  tho i was happee bizee
                 making my appointments  ther ar sew manee meers  mesrs  meserrs
                                            mees  ms  seem  dr emm   dreem a tray
                             uv doktors  nd th strange mesyur uv being  or  whn a dreem
                        redeems us  returns  us 2  our reel  far close up being  our self
                    fles elf same aim 4     well  whats best n whn thn we wake up   happee  is it 
               a dreem     sequins     all repeetid aktivitee leeds 2 habits  habits uv deeling 
                       habits uv thinking    reems  meer d  erds  ds ders  er   its how  wellyuns                     
               we pick up relees  lessr  lessr  drees  whers aee espeshulee if ther is no
                   noffis uv  whos 2  not groov with  if we can  let us  us 2 let  welkums
                  n n they want 2   how manee rooms in each uv us  relax th kodependensee
                                 dreems  rems  dr   md  m a    lessr dreems
                                  sd  den  dem  taking care
                                        ed   ed  dre  its howevr we seem 2 us  b digestiv  solar
                          touching th glass  we se things  what tensyuns  syuns 
                          red  rend  med  ned  deemstr
                    thy n  slipt in yes  der dee  r dem  emd
                                           deerall  th words ride from   hide from  rideages 
                                   wun word  no    dr  obvious  wuns  wer   missing  know its
                                     lessr  dreems  whers anee hierarkess uv othrs  espeshulee
                                                             all ok  feeling  that hat n endlesslee
                     wundring  dr mees  eems   sr  deem   meed   rs  eemlesslee en
                      we seem 2 us  how we see things  what ten
                   whats best  dr eems  seems


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