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dew yu heer th echo uv wher yuv bin
ar yu captivatid or  entanguld  by its
sounds  its memoreez  its manee
langwages  smells  time senses  ths
is alwayze now  bettr 2 keep going  if
yu can  they all say  make art out uv th
echos  relees  thos entising  siren voices
n th fresh countree air  kleen watr  treez
ther is no echo 2 go back 2  maybe ther is
no back 2  yet i cum up on  th hi green
hill agen  north coverd ths time in snow
n watch th sunset from th porch  not
remembring th chattring attachmentz  n
care 4 ths dwelling place  uv wood n dreems
as th moon slides in2 th ocean places  wher
yu ar  down south  on th coast  all th stars
in th world reflektid in  th watrs  neer yu
4cast 2 rise 7 metrs in  th cumming yeers
n submerg vankouvr bc  nu york citee
n prins edward island  representing  what
a nu definishyun uv watr front  or  as top
doktors ar now saying  what yu may have
long undrstood  transisyun is th reel main
stay uv life


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