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cooking carrot soup


with slow carrots  thees ar
veree slow carrots

sew i put them in2 th blendr
2 speed them up  i almost

brek th blendr  sew th slow
carrots go back in2  th pot

i keep having 2 replace th
watr  its all boiling away

n th carrots arint dun yet
ther may b a leek in th pot

or thees ar th slowest carrots

th salmon  thats going with
them  was dun long time ago

if th carrots  nevr get dun
ium going 2  eet th fish

its bin redee  4 hours

if yu get slow carrots
by mistake  coz yr 2

baked or groggd whn yu
get 2 th store  2 ask

4 th fast wuns  it can b

a long nite  cooking

carrot soup



from deth interrupts th dansing/a strangr space

with pete dako red deer press 06


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